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Oxigena Hiperbarica has more than 30 years experience fabricating hyperbaric chambers.

Given our vast experience built up during the years, our hyperbaric chambers are built with the best steel and designed to last a lifetime.

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We have over 30 years experience designing and building hyperbaric chambers, while ensuring to cover the needs of our clients and their clients.


The installation process is fundamental for the functionality of a hyperbaric chamber.

Our vast experience helps us to cover this service for all types of hyperbaric chambers no matter the size.


Ensuring a chamber is well maintained is vital for the working of said chamber.


Included in the sale of a chamber is a course in how to operate the chamber.

(Restricted for medical personnel only)


Oxigena specializes in selling hyperbaric chambers and accessories.

Our specialist sales team is ready to help asses what kind of chamber and accessories you need based on your needs.


Oxigena Hiperbarica offers consulting to anyone interested to improve knowledge about the curative effects of medical oxigenation, and provide financial advice regarding the process of buying a hyperbaric equipment.

What is medical oxigenation

Medical oxygenation consists of breathing pure oxygen (also known as 100% oxygen), while increasing the atmospheric pressure.

This situation causes the human body to transport the vast amount of oxygen to all organisms, causing cells to cure and bond better.

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What is a hyperbaric chamber

The hyperbaric chamber is a hermetically sealed place with the ability to increase the pressure to certain levels above the atmospheric pressure.

Usually built with steel, the chambers can withstand pressure up to 3ATAs.

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